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Everyone knows that to untwist the channel on Youtube without infusion of traffic almost not real.
At the same time, the quality of traffic is very important, i.e. high retention and social activity. Bots are easily detected by YouTube and can harm the channel.
Traffic with adwords is expensive and does not give the necessary audience retention.
The best solution is the end screens! End screens from channels relevant to yours will give excellent organic traffic and will increase the number of subscribers.

Only with us you will receive traffic of the highest quality at a price below adwords.


Our advantages

Only relevant traffic

You will receive traffic only from the relevant videos.

Quick start

Personal manager will start a company in your convenient time.

Prices are lower than Adwords

Our customers save 50-100% against the company in Adwords.

Guarantor of the transaction

We constantly monitor the quality and quantity of traffic!

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If you already have a channel with daily traffic exceeding 50,000 views, you can increase your income by selling end screens. You can put them yourself or entrust it our manager.